Vibration control

Industry demands robust performance and durability. Calling on knowledge, materials and technology gained from aerospace R&D programmes, our range of antivibration components bring new levels of performance and value to industrial applications. Each product is custom manufactured to meet specific requirements and maximise your industrial operations.

Polymer engineering

For our polymer products, industrial applications include mining, oil and gas, power generation, chemical processing and furniture.

Oil and gas

Our high pressure inflatable clamps and seals can be found on virtually every offshore and onshore production site throughout the world. We have a long and successful history of supplying custom built polymer based components to many of the world’s largest oil and gas equipment suppliers. We understand the need to ensure durability; performance and reliability is engineered into every one of our components. Failures hundreds of miles from land can be more than just expensive; they can be catastrophic resulting in lost production and equipment integrity.

Power generation

Power stations worldwide have come to depend on Dellner Polymer Solutions components. From inflatable conductive polymer based insulators for high voltage generators to expansion joints used on turbine generators, our ability to combine our materials expertise and production techniques enables us to produce unique components for customers the world over.


From Europe to Australia, our polymer based fabrications can be found on mining and mineral processing equipment worldwide. Our flexible hydraulic bladders help to recover valuable minerals and metallic substrates through a separation process.

Chemical processing

We have considerable experience in the manufacture and supply of reinforced polymer based valve components. Our ability to process a wide range of polymers and fabrics ensures that we can formulate the best material for the process, transfer medium and operating conditions.


Our polymer seating components have a proven history of quality and performance. For decades, our Sisiara™ seat suspension units have been supplied into the automotive market and our resilient webbing into the furniture sector. Our systems allow our clients to customise design for ultimate end use comfort.