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The Dellner Polymer story

Our story begins in 1933, when Silentbloc was formed in London, UK.  Following this, in 1941 Dellner Brakes, a family-owned business, was founded in Sweden by Master of Science Jan Dellner.

In 1947 Rima was formed as a distributor of electrical feeding equipment, and in 1948 came Woodville Rubber Company, producing rubber soles for footwear.  1958 saw the foundation of Bubenzer Bremsen Gerhard Bubenzer Ing. GmbH, Kirchen-Wehbach.  

1967 saw Rima open a new facility, dedicated to the design, development and fabrication of hydraulic equipment and storm brakes. In 1981 Rima Fluid Spa and Rima Impianti was formed, specialising in the assembly, repair and trade of electric and hydraulic components.

Fast forward to 2009 and Dellner acquired Woodville Polymer, creating Dellner Woodville Ltd. Originally employing a handful of people producing rubber soles for footwear, the company has grown to become a global supplier of engineered polymer solutions.

The Dellner Bubenzer Group was formed in 2019, bringing together Sweden's Dellner Brakes, Germany’s Pintsch Bubenzer, Italy’s Rima and UK-based Dellner Woodville. Silentbloc joined the group in 2019, when Dellner Polymer Solutions was formed.

Dellner Bubenzer continued its rapid expansion in 2020 with creation of new UK company, Dellner Romag Ltd, joined the group to form Dellner Polymer and Glass Solutions.

In 2021, Dellner Brakes JHS, Dellner Brakes, Dellner Industrial, Pintsch Bubenzer and Rima merge to form  one company — Dellner Bubenzer. Dellner Group now incorporates Dellner Bubenzer and UK- based Dellner Polymer and Glass Solutions, incorporating Dellner Polymer Solutions, Dellner Ferrabyrne, Dellner Percy Lane and Dellner Romag Ltd.

Despite our rapid growth we maintain our continued vision “To be the customers first choice for polymer and glass solutions.”

 Take a look below to see the rich history of our company.