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Anti Roll Bar Systems


We produce Anti-Roll Bar systems for trains, metros, trams, and for commercial automotive applications. Each system is designed, manufactured, and tested in-house to meet individual customer requirements using experienced personnel under strictly controlled conditions.

The anti-roll bar on a railway carriage controls the rolling characteristics by counteracting the rolling moment of the train car. All rail vehicles need to provide the best possible ride characteristics for passengers but simultaneously operate within the safe limits of the operating gauge. A complete anti-roll assembly comprises a torsion bar, levers, links and support bearings, in various styles, all of which provide the required roll stiffness and vertical ride characteristics necessary to result in the best-operating conditions. The torsion bars are manufactured using a combination of industrial processes including forging, bending, heat treatment and the final machining of the hardened material. The anti-roll bar may be a single piece bent bar or a three-piece sub-assembly where the separate levers are shrunk onto a straight torsion bar. It may also have removable lever arms for service requirements. We can produce the anti-roll systems in both low and high volumes.

Application Areas

  • Rail