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Services including refurbishment, overhaul, conditional assessments


As an OEM supplier to the rail industry we offer a structured set price refurbishment service for parts, these parts are returned looking as new. This is a more attractive option than buying new parts – particularly for high-metal objects as the metal areas are designed for life. It is a cost-effective way to keep the trains running.

Dellner Polymer Solutions collect the used products, bring them back to our facilities and blast out the rubber to metal components. We then clean them, replace with new rubber, paint and deliver the parts back to the customer one week later.

Rubber is burnt via pyrolysis as an inert process so there is no damaging environmental impact. Any need for the customer to hold multiples of the same spare parts is negated and there are no time delays caused by disassembly and re-assembly. This is a full refurbishment process, please contact us for specific details.

Condition Assessment

As with most industries and particularly within the rail and wind turbine markets, quantified life expectancies and costs of both existing and developed products are of great importance. Extending periods between services can reduce the number of services and hence decrease operating costs.

After a product has reached its predicted life span, we inspect it, and test it to assess the part for future use. Condition assessment for mileage extension is an important area for us and where service life and condition can be fed back into our design processes and calculation with the aim of increasing life span and reducing life cycle costs.