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Our manufacturing facility contains a variety of plant and equipment.

Our Littlehampton manufacturing facility is approximately 3,000 sq.m and contains a variety of plant and equipment including 32 Vulcanization Presses ranging from 100 – 1000 Tonne, 2 Rubber Mills, a fully ventilated Bond Painting facility, an assembly and finishing area for all types of bushes, a complete overhaul/assembly section dedicated to the refurbishment and new build of various assemblies, including Traction Centres, Anti-Roll Bars and associated links, and Airspring assemblies.

A Paint Shop for all types of paint and finishes.

In addition, we have a separate warehouse of approximately 1,400 sq.m which is used for storage, including an inspection area for goods-inwards and dispatch. Goods are inspected, packed, stored and dispatched to the highest industry standards.

Our Burton upon Trent site is 6,500sq.m, factory 3,000sq.m. The factory houses a variety of plant including 8 Rubber Injection presses, the newest a state-of-the-art Maplan Ergo 460 4L rubber injection moulding machine, purchased late 2022 and 16 conventional presses. Our capabilities include a rare large compression and transfer moulding press with a platen size of 2.5m x 1.2m.

Two electrically powered dry Autoclaves, the largest able to accommodate products up to 1.6m diameter 5.0m in length.

Burton also houses specialist testing capabilities to define and qualify polymer materials including rheology, hardness, tensile stress, tear, and compressive characteristics. 

An ability to apply compressive forces up to 3000kN and 250kN in tension. In 2023 we purchased a torsion machine capable of 20kNm of torque (the only one of its kind in the UK).

Tooling Design & Manufacture

Mould tools are designed and maintained in-house by the Dellner Polymer Solutions team which enables simultaneous engineering and development within the shortest possible lead time.

Our use of our 3D CAD CAM facility allows the 3D data to aid the design and manufacture of tooling, which makes it cost-effective for the customer. We produce designs for specialist prototype and development single cavity and multi-cavity production tools using our CNC machining capabilities.