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Commercial Vehicles

We manufacture a highly regarded range of heavy-duty commercial vehicle components. Through working with major companies such as Ridewell Corp and Hendrikson Europe we know that robust quality is absolutely critical in this market as the suspension systems are so often subjected to severe operating conditions. We have an exemplary record of supplying top-rate products to heavy commercial suspension systems manufacturers.

Our range of components includes control links, Anti-Roll Bars, bearings, and highly-loaded suspension mounts. We supply a range of single-pivot bushes for mono-lift and other truck suspension systems. The application for Dellner Polymer Solutions commercial vehicle products includes logging trucks that effectively operate in ‘off-road’ conditions, tankers, and garbage/refuse disposal truck fleets. As a prerequisite Dellner Ferrabyrne designed these parts to withstand very arduous fatigue loads, using our expertise and experience in order to satisfy these conditions. In addition, our consistent aim is to improve the product lifecycle giving our customers maximum efficiency and value for money.