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Off Highway

Wherever the challenges of harsh operating conditions, uneven terrain and continuous operation are faced, you will find our anti-vibration components integral to the suspension of off-highway vehicles and equipment, and in applications ranging from construction through to defence.

Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer or first-tier supplier, to answer your challenges of robust, reliable suspension and vibration minimisation in the off-highway sector, we look closely at the demands of our customers’ applications. We then apply our cutting-edge design service to the total system, so that our component becomes fully integrated, whether to the interrelationship of cab and engine mountings, or to suspension links and damper performance.

Following initial design, we optimise our components through world-leading engineering techniques, including nonlinear and linear Finite Element Analysis (FMEA), ultimately delivering system integrated components that feature low maintenance and long service lives. This reduces the total cost through the life of the programme - a key metric in the selection of vehicles by end users.

Beyond suspension in off-highway vehicles, materials handling is also a key concern for the construction industry. Dellner Polymer Solutions manufactures a wide range of advanced elastomeric-bonded products for specialised applications that require extreme loads or operating conditions. These are ideal for heavy quarry vehicles, conveyors, and screening systems in the most aggressive environments.

Whether for off-highway vehicles, like dump trucks, loaders, or excavators, or for more specialised construction and civil engineering applications, such as generators, electric motors, pumps and compressors, our products are found throughout industry. And it is the fine details in our products that make the difference, keeping them operating smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively. We make a difference to your business.