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Bendervac, a universal swimming pool suction cleaning head

We manufacture and supply a robust and versatile swimming pool cleaner that is preferred by the professional sector of the pool maintenance industry. In addition to meeting the durability required for such an industry, the flexible and versatile pool cleaner head is designed to achieve maximum coverage, including within the more difficult areas of a pool such as complex pool shapes, curves and sharp corners.

Ideal for concrete and liner pools

The Bendervac is tough enough for concrete pools and gentle enough for liner pools - and it’s 18” (457mm) wide to speed up cleaning on all pools.

Resists Pool Chemicals/Weather

The synthetic moulding weighs under 3kg and will resist all usual pool chemicals, remain flexible in cold conditions yet withstand tropical sunshine

No Corrosion

The Bendervac has no metal parts to rust, corrode or discolour.

Flow Control

A half turn of the axles adjusts the brush height changing the flow pattern to suit the size of the pool pump.


Key Features

  • Ideal for concrete and liner pools
  • Resists Pool Chemicals/Weather
  • No Corrosion
  • Flow Control